Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So I attended SpoCon on Saturday, during the two hours it was going on that I wasn't at work. There I got to meet some pretty cool authors, such as Rosemary Jones, SA Bolich, Deby Fredericks, and Jane Fancher. After the workshop that these lovely ladies were panelists on, I went up to their desk and talked to them.

Most of them were genial enough, but both they and I knew they didn't owe me any one-on-one time. But Jane Fancher took a good thirty minutes or more after the panel to talk to me about my choices in writing, including a concern I had with my first book. It was such an unexpected, book-altering talk, I think I'll always remember it.

She asked me several questions about my book until I revealed that part one was all-but-one scene in the perspective of Eiva, my female lead, and part two was all-but-a-few scenes in the perspective of Andren. She asked me if I thought that both perspectives throughout the whole thing might be more intriguing and less jarring to the reader. I'd never thought of it, but I completely agree. Here I was, on the verge of trying to find myself an agent, and I just now found a tidbit of advice that drastically changes my book's narrative.

It means I need to edit my book one more time, which means I need to spend another few months on it before approaching an editor or agent, but I think it's worth it. My book will be better for it, but more importantly I've learned yet another trick of the writing craft, just when I thought I knew enough to get by.

Thanks for checking in with me. I'll be here again next Tuesday.


  1. That sounds great; I'm so glad you went! It was very nice of them to spend time with you. When you are a famous author you will have to do the same!

  2. Welcome to blogging! Your after-session session at SpoCon sounds like a great experience.