Friday, August 31, 2012

Writing Conferences

I was going to go to the Surrey International Writer's Conference (running from October 19-21) and pitch my book to editors and agents there (you get 10 minutes alone with them to do just this), but have decided against it.

I recently decided to split my novel at the natural division that has had me tied up in knots trying to write a decent query...but it's two stories! So part one will now be a separate novella, which as a new author I won't be able to sell, even though it's about ready for publication. And part two will be the book I'm working to get published, and maybe once it is people will want to know more about Eiva and I'll sell the novella then. This decision necessitates a major edit that will take me more than a month and a half to finish.

Also, the conference is really expensive (because of how excellent and acclaimed it is), and my family's not in the best position to sponsor such a trip.

But I do want to encourage any writers out there who want to be published to go to writing conferences. I've been to several throughout the years (on the learning side of it, not the hob-nobbing side), and they're an excellent way to learn the craft. Even if you have a hard time learning from lectures like me. It's beneficial both because expert authors and editors tell you what works and what doesn't, and because you are around of a lot of other aspiring authors, and you get a measure of how you compare.

And on the hob-nobbing side, all the authors I've ever met in person say they hooked an agent through writer's conferences. Trust me, I will be attending one, probably in 2013. You know, if the world doesn't end this year.

If you don't know where to find a conference, there's a good search tool here, which lists them first by location, and then by date.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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