Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alexa Rating

Hi all, just a quick update today. I've been reading I Shall Wear Midnight, and I think it's worth a perusal by anyone who likes comedic fantasy. I'm using it to get in the mood to write my novel during NaNo, but I think I'll finish reading it today or tomorrow, so I'll have to go through another Terry Pratchett book before November (the horror!).

In other news, my blog just broke the 1m mark in Alexa Rating today! I never expected so many readers so quickly (or before I got published). So thank you for being my valued readers. If I could treat you all to ice cream I would. I myself am going to go drink hot chocolate, because it's decided to be near freezing this morning and my feet are cold.

See you all Friday!


  1. Is it bad I don't know what 'Alexa rating' means? haha. I'm so horrible at this computer stuff.

    1. I didn't know until I started blogging. Alexa is a website that tracks views of websites and compares them to show how popular they are. When no one had seen my blog yet, I was rated around 5 million. Google is usually #1, with Facebook occasionally displacing it.