Friday, October 19, 2012

Character Concept: Evander

Here's some more of my planning material for the novel, Kalara's Guide to Being Evil, I will be writing come November. There will be one more Friday post where I show only planning material before November 2nd, where I will show you what my writing is like at its roughest. Because there's no place for editing during NaNo. Okay, my OCD might take over a little and correct spelling and grammar errors before I hit "publish." Anyway...

This time I'm going to show you what my actual page looks like when designing a character.

  • Personality type: ESFJ-Caregiver, wants to be loved and please others.
  • Occupation: Devil's son. Tries hard to be good at being a devil, but has failed so far.
  • Age: 18 or 19
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Looks: Scrawny. Brown hair and eyes. Hair short and scraggly. Not very attractive, but his personality shines through and catches Kalara's attention. Slumps with hands in pockets, trying to look cool. Occasionally gets bursts of energy and jumps around.
  • Style: Casual with clumsiness stains.
  • Family life: Single child, expected to be a devil. Grew up in Tartarus.
  • Passion: Tap-dancing. He notices the way people walk and move.
  • Secrets: He's a devil's son, which he hides from normal people (magical world kept secret from "normal" one). He's attracted to Kalara. He tap-dances.
Do you think he's an acceptable main player in a comedic Urban Fantasy? Writers, how do your character development pages differ?


  1. Hmmm I think he sounds like a pretty cool character. I love the whole son of the devil, but likes to tap dance.
    Thanks for posting on my blog. And yes, the Query Letter Crusaders is word play off of The Cutie Mark Crusaders. (I sorta feel like Apple Bloom "I want it NOW!)

    1. Well, as I said before, that's really cool. My NaNo avatar is Pinkie's smile during the sonic rainboom.