Friday, November 16, 2012

Raw and Uncut 3

Hi again, and welcome to another installment of my raw, pulpy, new novel. I am currently over the halfway mark, and scrabbling to add in more plot points to my outline since so far I've blazed through the scenes to quickly to have the plot last the whole 50k. :\
Here we meet the character Skelley, the villain's homunculus. Unfortunately as I paste this here I see how many times the names are repeated, but, alas, it is not time yet to edit.

The miniature skeleton with wings folded them neatly so that they wouldn't interfere, then grasped the great cloth by a corner. He walked backwards, pulling it along, until he got to the other corner, where he laid the first. Next he straightened out the rest, down to the other side, and took three steps back to look at the effect.
He'd folded the giant underwear neatly in two.
The skeleton's chest rattled with a sigh as he ran back to the great cloth and folded it once more. Then he picked it up by the side, four layers just barely contained in his tiny grip, and he pulled the giant underwear along the dresser, to where the underwear drawer was open, and flitted over to the edge of the drawer, pulling the underwear into it. He straightened it up neatly and looked back at the pile of clean laundry. One down, twenty-three more pieces of laundry to go. The homunculus banged its fists on its skull as it made its way to the next great cloth.
Whitcomb walked into the room. “Oh, good, you've started.” The little skeleton gritted its bared teeth. Yesterday he hadn't been able to finish scrubbing the bathroom on time and Whitcomb had yelled at him for not having begun dinner yet. Whitcomb had more important things to do than clean, or make food, so he'd created Skelley. The problem was, Skelley was an extension of Whitcomb's personality, so he also hated cleaning and felt it was beneath him.
Whitcomb opened the other drawers, making the dresser rock slightly, causing Skelley to careen toward the edge. He opened his wings to stabilize himself, then glared at his master. Whitcomb was taking out an outfit to lay out for tomorrow, including the underwear Skelley had just finished. With a flick of the wrist they sprawled open. Skelley banged his skull some more, hopping up and down.

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