Thursday, November 22, 2012

Raw and Uncut 4

The novel I'm writing is a comedy. According to how comedies and tragedies used to be defined, it would be a little split between the two. You see, a lot of people die in my book, but not the main people who reach the end and go on to be happy. One of the people who is on the losing end of that stick is the villain. Another is a fly. It's pretty dark stuff, people:

Kalara snorted and shut the door behind her. She put the knives, gloves, and bleach away. Evander walked in before she could go deal with Whitcomb's body. His eyes slid to the bagged heart on the counter.

“So, you took care of collecting it. Thanks.”

“Yes, well, I couldn't help it. You were just so pathetic.” Evander blushed. Kalara grinned and handed the baggie over. As he took it she noticed a squirming little fly, trapped between the heart and the side of the bag. She opened her mouth to say something, then stopped herself. Wouldn't it be funny, even if he didn't notice and make a fuss, if a devil ate a fly?


Must...escape. Food gumming legs. Food wetting wings. Air supply low. No choice. Entering low-power mode.

Reboot. Cause? Air has returned. Food mound leaving low-air zone. Must escape. Wriggle legs. Wriggle wings. Food stiffer now. Can't move.

Heat. Entering high-heat zone. Wriggle harder. Harder. Can't move. Heat increasing. Must break wings free...

Searing, blasting, unimaginable heat. Life signs: will not recover. Final shut down.

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