Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Last Eli Novel

I am a big fan of Rachel Aaron. She's my favorite current author, who wrote the Eli Monpress novels, and the famous (in some circles) How I Went From Writing 2k A Day to 10k A Day blog post. The last Eli novel, Spirit's End, is coming out November 20th.

Can I tell you a secret? I had forgotten when in November it was coming out (I thought it was the 12th). I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and asked for it, and the woman working there went into the basement and brought it out for me, because apparently she didn't know, either. Then I went online to happily exclaim how I bought it the first day it was out, and realized my mistake. (By the way, if you find this, Rachel Aaron, don't worry, I won't tell anyone what happens or lend my book out. But I will be reading it, I can't resist.)

Anyway, she's holding a raffle over on her blog to give out free, signed copies, if you're interested. And whether or not you enter or win, if you're a fantasy reader I recommend you going over to your local Barnes and Noble next Tuesday or getting on Amazon right now to grab yourself a copy. And if you don't already have the first four (or two if you're counting the first three in their omnibus), get those, too. Because these are some pretty great books.

Happy NaNo-ing (for those participating), and see you on Friday!

Who's your favorite current author?

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