Friday, December 7, 2012

Where's My Samurai?

Oops! My family's sick this week, and I forgot to get this up!

I've been rereading the (young adult or children's? not sure) Japanese historical fiction mystery books by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler, starting with The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn. They are really cool, by the way. Lots of research went into them. So if you have any interest in learning more about 1700's Japan, check them out.

And I've been re-listening to the song Butterfly popularized through DDR. Yes, I love this song. Partly because I think this chick who has journeyed all around Japan definitely does not need a samurai, because she's strong enough herself. Partly because it's catchy, and partly because I have a mild fascination with Japanese culture.

So I drew this:

And I was going to do a Japanese-themed Friday Fantasy scene, but I never got around to writing it. Sorry.

What song do you really like that you don't often admit to others?

1 comment:

  1. This sounds really cool. I know a girl into Japanese stuff who will love this!

    Can't think of a song I'm ashamed to love. Sorry! :)