Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's and Selling Genetics

This past week has been pretty hectic for me. I even had to work (at my restaurant job) on Valentine's Day instead of going on a date with my husband. That's really not so bad, since we're both secure enough in our relationship that we know what we do for one another on this one day doesn't define how much we love each other. We get each other stuff the day after, when it's all cheaper.

But I haven't gotten a lot done this week that I actually wanted to do. For example, edit my book. Another example, read Warm Bodies. My husband and I are conducting an experiment where one of us (me) watches the movie first, and the other one reads the book first, and we compare how much we liked each of them. To complete the experiment I need to finish reading it, then we'll go see it together (I saw it two weeks ago with a friend). We wanted to watch it together on Valentine's, since it's a love story, but whatever. We'll get to it.

Part of this business I've experienced has been the sign-up process to become an egg donor. I'd like to be an egg donor for two reasons. One, it pays as much for the first time doing it as I would make at my restaurant job in eight months, and I would really like to take that money and make my family more stable. Two, I feel sorry for people who can't conceive on their own, and I want to help them have the baby they've always wanted. What do you think? Would you consider selling your genetics?

And finally, a sweet Friday vignette for those in a loving mood. Cookies for whoever guesses the movie that inspired it.

Odette blinked out at the people gathered in the throne room. Her father had told her these people would come, look at her, and bring her gifts. She hadn't expected there to be so many. So very many big people...

She ducked her head down and fiddled with her skirt. The woman who'd dressed her put her in the thickest skirt possible. It bunched between her legs and made it almost impossible to walk. She tried to take a step backwards now, to hide behind her father's legs, but the movement caused her to wobble dangerously, and she stopped. She put her chubby little fingers over her eyes, hoping that if she couldn't see these people, they wouldn't see her.

Odette heard footsteps approach her, and they weren't big, scary footsteps. They were quiet. She peeked out between her fingers to find herself looking at a boy, perhaps twice her age. His face was kind, and he held out something shiny toward her.

She took it, holding it up so she could see it better. It was a golden locket. She put it on, then realized the boy was still standing there. She smiled, pulled her skirt to either side, and dipped her head. He bent forward, putting one arm behind him, and smiled back at her.

He walked back to his seat, and Odette could see all the other people in the room again. But now that she saw the boy, the nice boy, it wasn't all that bad.


  1. Swan Princess...but, admittedly, I had a huge hint from the comment you left on my blog. :)

    And I considered harvesting my eggs years ago. I decided against it, just because it bothered me that I already had four kids and, what if, by some weird twist of fate, one of them grew up and fell in love with their brother/sister or something cause they didn't know they had one?

    I know the chances of that are like one in a bazillion but it still bugged me. But I think it's a really personal choice and that helping someone have a child is an admirable decision. :) I wish you the best of luck with it.

    1. Correct!

      I would tell my kids that they had a half-sibling out in the world somewhere, a few years younger than them (just in case). And I want to encourage them to date people who are ethnically different than they are anyway, because of hybrid vigor!

  2. I'm sorry that your Valentine's Day plans didn't pan out, but if you think about it, it's just one day in a year. You have the 364 other days to do something special together.

    As for being an egg donor, I never considered it before.

  3. A conference got in the way on my Valentine's day, so we went out and did our thing the day before. After for selling genetics, I heard someone is writing a story about that, but beyond eggs. Pleased to meet you, Laura! :)

    1. My husband and I ended up spending a lovely Sunday together, so I am content. And I'd found that story in the works around the internet as well, but I believe it's women's literature, so I admit I would have little interest reading it. Pleased to meet you as well!