Friday, April 12, 2013

I Built My Desk

My desk is officially finished! Here are the pictures (notice it's already in use, because I was too excited to stop and take pictures before I had my computer all set up).

Ha, it matches all my links.

So, this being the first year I've lived in a place with a snowy winter and a warm spring (at least the first where I hadn't just given birth to my daughter. I lived in CT two years ago at this time), I finally understand spring cleaning. I just spent months feeling lethargic, trying to spend as much time under blankets as possible, letting the house go a bit, and now it's suddenly warm and I'm sick of the mess. Time to tidy up!

Are you doing any spring cleaning? What's the most important project (other than writing) you'd like to get done?

This week's short fantasy scene:

We'd heard legends of other planes. How when our world and theirs touched, angels and demons entered our reality. Now a legend stood before us. He had the shape of a man, but his back sported feathered, pure white wings. His eyes were yellow like the sun, and his hair shone as if it was made of silver. His eyes singled us out, and he said, "Are you the group that arrived yesterday?"

I quivered at his voice, a heavenly voice, and felt unworthy of hearing it. Beside me, one of my companions, Razor, crossed her jet black arms and narrowed her eyes. "Yes. And you are..?" I gulped. Of course a drow would show no reverence toward an angel. I wished I had been the one to answer, so that the first thing he'd heard from us hadn't been insulting. Too late.

He shifted to his other foot, the great sword strapped between his wings tilting as he did. It might have been frightening, but we were all armed as well, and we'd fought a varied assortment of foes in our time together. But his face remained calm, and he answered, "I am General Marcellus. I understand that you are to join our forces, but as a tactical assault group, meant to shore up weak spots and take down specific targets. I am the one who will be giving you orders."

Before Razor could mouth off again, I dipped my head, saying, "We will be honored to follow your lead, sir."

General Marcellus dipped his head in return. "For now, we are gathering strength. We'll be marching to Devat soon, perhaps a week from now. Until then, rest, gather what supplies you'll need, and be ready. That is all."

I saluted, Razor snorted at me, and the angel turned and left.

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