Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day. I know I did. We considered going to a theme park that had a veteran discount going on with another couple and their kids (so that one person could sit out the ride with the little ones while three people got to get on), but they never got back to us and we ended up staying at home.
"Today most Americans are not directly touched by war. As a consequence, not all Americans may always see or fully grasp the depth of sacrifice, the profound costs that are made in our name — right now, as we speak, every day."  --President Obama
I don't know about you, but this comment disturbed me. Speaking as a former Navy wife, I can say the most common sacrifice made by servicemen today is the lousy conditions they're asked to work in, even here at home. And the thought that most Americans aren't directly touched by the war is ludicrous. The war has bankrupted us, and all of the US is feeling that, severely, every day. Talk about making sacrifices.

What's incredible is that if we cut our military budget by forty percent, downsizing the number of service members while still paying the enlisted more (because right now they're making next to nothing. The postman gets paid more), we'd still have a more powerful military than the three next most powerful nations' combined. Why haven't we downsized? Because to do so is seen as unpatriotic, and not appreciating our troops.

Sometimes I feel like no one really cares how high our debt is. Gary Johnson, the only candidate who would have actually reduced it, got only 2% or so of the popular vote. But most people think voting for the lesser of the two big evils is the only way to have their vote count...heh.

I realize I've opened the floodgates here with political talk, but then Memorial Day to me isn't just a day of remembering, it's a day to look back on our mistakes and decide not to repeat them.

What are some mistakes you'd like to never see repeated?

Found this flag here.

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  1. I can't really comment today, since I'm not from the US.

    Still, what you said makes sense.