Friday, June 7, 2013


She skipped across the landscape, each bound sending her yards ahead, her dress whirling behind her. As her feet touched the ground earth elementals swam away through the dirt, looking for quieter places to rest. For though she made no noise herself there was a music about her, a rhythm in her step that almost made it a dance.

Sunbeams pierced the forest, lighting the air gold and expelling shadows. There was nowhere for her quarry to hide. Ghostly deer leapt around her, her past targets who were with her still, having taught her what she knew of hunting.

She landed by two trees which sprawled sideways at impossible angles in the light gravity, their mass jutted sideways over the world forever. Before her she could see it, her mark. She pulled her bow--the smoothest of hickory, oiled until it bled a spicy scent, bending with the strength of her arm--into position.

The world faded away until everything that existed was her, her bow, and her target.

She released.

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  1. Loved this one, I'm releasing arrows in the forest myself now :)