Friday, August 30, 2013

Caught in a Downpour

It was wet. The torrent had strangled the life from the sky, dropping the world into darkness at midday. As she walked along her feet squelched in her worn-out boots. Pretty amateur, letting her shoes go to the point they let water in. First priority of being on the move, after food and water are taken care of, make sure you've got reliable shoes. She'd probably catch a fever now.

Too late to worry. They hunted in the dark, so she couldn't stop to dry her feet. This whole storm was probably their way of extending the hours they could chase her. Had to keep moving, keep trying to shake them.

Not that she'd seen them for weeks. Or heard them, rather, since they kept to the shadows. Their rustles and thuds as they failed to be absolutely stealthy in their approach.

She'd thought of staying at an inn, where she could keep a fire going in the hearth through the night. But that didn't keep them from finding her--creaking on the roof by her window--only kept them at bay for a while.

A boom sounded around her, accompanied by a shot of light, exposing her position. A crackling laugh came from the dark.

They'd found her.

Image found here. One of the artists I'm considering using for my book's cover art.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Have Achieved Google Success!

Google my name, and you come here. Hurrah!

See, when I started blogging, I had no idea how to add labels, or what they did. I only figured that out around May. Then I added labels, but not with my name. Then a few days ago I went through and added my name as a label to the past ten or so posts, and presto, I'm on top. Crazy!

I've been trying to figure that out for a while now, and I have to say it feels good. As a result, I feel like helping one of you out toward one of your own goals. That's right, it's a giveaway!

Prize: One free critique of up to 2k words of prose. This could be a query, a synopsis, or some random pages from your story. But I can't critique poetry, it's like another language to me.

Entry: Leave a comment to this post, letting me know what you like most and what you like least about my blog. The winner will be randomly drawn from the comments.

When I post next Tuesday, I'll announce the winner, and they may email me their piece for critique.

Thanks for helping me get this far by reading my blog. The next step: getting my book ready for publication. ETA three months. I want to roll it out during the holiday season, when people are buying Christmas presents for their reader-ly friends.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Post-SpoCon Thoughts, Plus a Decision!

Sorry I've been gone so long.

I went to SpoCon a few weeks ago. I met Brandon Sanderson, one of my favorite authors! I cosplayed one of his characters and went all fan-girly on him. Here's a picture:

I'm so cool...

Obviously I should have flared out the Mistcloak, and used a shimmery gray cloth instead of the dull black. I was in a hurry when I made it! It seems I've been in a hurry with so many things recently.

And during SpoCon, I reached a conclusion. I will be self-publishing. Not just as a back-up, but as my goal. The traditional publishing game is shaky as all get-out, and the giant Brandon Sanderson himself said that it didn't matter which route you took, as a breakout author you'd be doing the same amount of self-promotion.

Well that's what I wanted the traditional guys for...

But I've been doing some research, and I think I can handle the marketing beast with a little work. There's Kickstarter to help with the funding, Smashwords to publish the ebook, and Create Space to make an on-demand physical book sold on Amazon. Should be pretty good. My current step is finish the rewrite and send it out to a pro editor. All this research on marketing has dammed up my creative side it seems.

That, and how this past week I worked more than I've ever worked in my life before, all on my feet. It will all be worth it when my bank account reflects it, but until then, I'm exhausted. I wish I could burn pewter.

On another note, my entry got into Write Club, but it looks like I won't be winning my bout. I missed a grammar error before sending it, and there was a formatting error that popped up in translation between my email and the blog post which makes it look like I missed a second spot of sloppy writing... Frustration. Those who did vote for me said my piece was more moving and better written (barring the two sloppy spots), so I'm grateful for that.

Lately I've been getting the sort of feedback that makes me think I'm ready to publish, just as soon as I put that final shine on my book. If only I didn't have two young kids and an evening job! Eh, things can only get easier, right?