Friday, August 30, 2013

Caught in a Downpour

It was wet. The torrent had strangled the life from the sky, dropping the world into darkness at midday. As she walked along her feet squelched in her worn-out boots. Pretty amateur, letting her shoes go to the point they let water in. First priority of being on the move, after food and water are taken care of, make sure you've got reliable shoes. She'd probably catch a fever now.

Too late to worry. They hunted in the dark, so she couldn't stop to dry her feet. This whole storm was probably their way of extending the hours they could chase her. Had to keep moving, keep trying to shake them.

Not that she'd seen them for weeks. Or heard them, rather, since they kept to the shadows. Their rustles and thuds as they failed to be absolutely stealthy in their approach.

She'd thought of staying at an inn, where she could keep a fire going in the hearth through the night. But that didn't keep them from finding her--creaking on the roof by her window--only kept them at bay for a while.

A boom sounded around her, accompanied by a shot of light, exposing her position. A crackling laugh came from the dark.

They'd found her.

Image found here. One of the artists I'm considering using for my book's cover art.


  1. I love the picture's style. :-)

    Just stopped by to say thanks for joining the bloghop! Best of luck with achieving your goal.

  2. Haunting indeed! I think this is the best piece I read by you,
    "This whole storm was probably their way of extending the hours they could chase her."
    I loved this line, and I really want to know more about this whole thing. The image is beautiful, the girl looks intense, your right to consider the artist for a cover.