Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Revision Update, and a Call for Help

I've had an explosion in revising productivity! This last week I tore through another 21.8k words of The Complete Guide to Being Evil (I've only got that much again left to go, now. Perhaps next Tuesday I'll be done?). And I officially hired a filmmaker (which I keep trying to spell flimmaker. Ew) for my book trailer, and today I begin casting for the actors.

Crazy! And that's while I had my worst two weeks (health-wise) that's ever happened to me. I had female issues, my mild IBS acted up, I got tonsillitis, I had a slight disk leak (thank goodness not a full-blown herniation), and then I got the sniffles. Blerg! But now that that's all (pretty much) over I feel packed full energy, and ready to do anything!

Except hiking. My feet aren't ready for that in combination with a full work week, yet. Plus it's still freaking 90 degrees in one of the northern-most places in the US. Wtf. Anyway, I'll get to that in the fall.

Call for Help: Anyone reading this who wants to help with my cover reveal? Shoot me an email at arbiterofsanity at gmail.

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