Friday, September 13, 2013

Night Alone

"Who is the girl who dances in starlight?" she sang, waving her staff. A column rose from the ground, stone grinding on stone. Stars streaked overhead, the meteor shower stronger than any she'd seen yet. She paused to stare at it, then twirled and went back to raising a new castle.

"Who is the girl whose soul shines so bright?" She gestured, and another column, identical to the first, rose nearby. With a point of her staff the torch on top lit up, providing a little more light to see by.

Another flurry of activity overhead. She glanced up at the sky, wondering where out there her home planet was, and if anyone there remembered her. One of the streaks of white, instead of fading, grew thicker.

She gaped.

As the line grew wider, it grew red. It became a line of flame, falling toward her lonely world. Then it impacted. A cloud of dust flew up in a cloud, obscuring a small portion of the sky.

She scrambled down to the ground, then skipped toward the landing site. Probably it was just a hunk of rock, leaving a crater in her perfectly-crafted world. But it was possible that maybe, just maybe, it was a capsule containing someone else to share it with.

"Who is the new bird landed here? And what new wonders will appear?"

Copyright Jacob Probelski, found here. This is the artist who will be doing the cover art for The Complete Guide to Being Evil!


  1. That is an awesome image! I always wished I could draw like that!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited to see what he does for my cover.