Friday, September 6, 2013

The Armed Gypsy

The fortune teller smiled at the man who entered her tent. After her eyes had readjusted from the flash of light to the darkness of the tent, lit only by candlelight, she shifted in her seat, allowing her earring and the bells on her wrap to jingle.

"I recognize your face. You have been to me before."

"That's the past, not the future," he grunted. "Get telling."

Her back stiffened. "You aren't really here for that, are you?"

"Oh, so now you can see some glimmer of what's to come, huh?"

"My gazing did not serve you well, then." She sighed. Truly she felt sorry for the man. But she had to eat somehow, and people gladly gave away money, most of them knowing it was all a show. A rare few, though, actually believed.

"You said to wait a little longer, and my waiting would pay off. I stopped looking for work I didn't enjoy, but I didn't get the job I wanted, either. I'm bereft! My wife left me!"

He was fiddling with something small. In the dark, she heard a bullet click into a clip.

Fool! she thought. He intends to shoot me, but didn't come prepared. She threw off her wrap--revealing a tight outfit that didn't inhibit movement, with two revolver holsters and a bandoleer strung along her hip. As she moved toward the tent flap, she drew and cocked her revolvers.

The man realized what she was doing and aimed his weapon at her.

She threw herself backwards, flooding the tent with light. He closed his eyes, just long enough for her to fire, pulling both triggers.

And now I continue to eat, and your misery is over.

Image found here.

Meh, not my favorite of my shorts. Whatever. I'm making good progress on my book, The Complete Guide to Being Evil. 20k of 60k done! And this image was done by another of the artists I'm considering using for the cover.

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