Monday, September 2, 2013

Winner! and My Goals

And the winner of the free critique is... Hanneen I Adam! Please email me your piece at arbiterofsanity at gmail.

So, as you may know from my last Tuesday post, I've decided to self-publish my novel, The Complete Guide to Being Evil. My plan is to use Kickstarter to pay for the marketing. And I think the best time to publish it would be Black Friday.

For that to happen, I'd need to have it funded by November 1st. If I let the Kickstarter run 20 days, that has it starting October 12th. For that to happen, I need to get it all revised in the next 5.5 weeks. I have another 47k words to revise, so I'd need to do at least 1.3k a day.

Challenge accepted!

Every week I'll let you know if I met my 9.1k per week goal, so that if I fail you can SHAME ME and I'll get back on track. Because I'm tired of sitting around wishing to be an author. It's time to go for it!


  1. This is actually my first time of winning anything on the internet, looks like my luck is finally changing, haha. So nice of you Laura, now I'll go look through my mess to get the dreaded piece for critique out :)

  2. "I'm tired of sitting around wishing to be an author."

    Yup, that was me a few months back when I decided to self-publish one particular series. I not sure I'd ever be able to use Kickstarter like you. Asking for help from ... anyone really ... still feels too weird.