Friday, October 4, 2013

Which Book Should I NaNo?

That's right, NaNoWriMo is coming again. We have about one month to prepare for its madness. I have two book ideas in mind, and I'm trying to decide which to run with. So for today's Friday Fantasy Scene, I have a two-for-one. Side by side comparison of a (possible) scene from each story.

First, a note to the rules lawyers who hold sacred the guidelines for NaNo: I will not be counting these words toward the goal of 50k. I know you aren't supposed to write something for a book then continue it for NaNo, and of that I am guilty. But writing one scene can really help solidify a story idea for me, and I usually do so in the middle of plotting to firm it up. So yes, I'm technically going to be a smidge of a rebel.

Scene from Mage Assassin:

Steven set his hands on the glass that was still hanging to the car door, then opened his will to all that was scattered around. "Go back to your places," he whispered, and with a tinkling all the shards swept out of the car and off of the pavement, then rearranged themselves together in a very plain mosaic. He used a bit of will to pin them in the air, then said, "Grow hot, and meld back into one piece."

As the glass began to warp together, someone behind Steven said, "Turn around, hands in fists and tongue stuck out."

Steven froze, the bottom of his stomach dropping away, the glass going cold under his hands while still rippled and opaque. Crap. Crap, crap, crap. He put on his best innocent and pathetic face, closed his hands and put them over his head, and turned.

The man before him was muscled, tan, and wore a well-trimmed goatee. He was also pointing the end of a club toward him threateningly. A club?

"What the fuck?" the man said, lowering his weapon. "Here I thought they were paying me the big bucks to go after hardened criminals, not little teenagers who preform magic acts of charity. You are Stiofan Draper, right?"

"What? How'd you know--" Steven cut himself off, wincing. Stupid.

"Fuck." The man scratched his bristled chin, then shrugged. "Well, you should probably come with me, till I get this figured out."

Voice cracking, Steven asked, "With you?" He cleared his throat. "Why should I go with you? You just said you were going to kill me."

"No. I said I was paid to kill you, not that I was going to. I won't, by the way. Unless you start lighting old ladies on fire or something. Besides, even if you could get away from me right now, it'd still be a piece of cake to track you down again. And I wouldn't give warning first, next time. So if I do decide to kill you, you'd just be saving me a little time. You're definitely going to come with me."

Steven's shoulders slumped. "Got it."

"So get up, then. Come on."

Scene from From Unbreakable Eggs:

Bending over the river to drink, her reflection showed a very roughed-up girl. She splashed some water on her face instead, scrubbing with her palms at the grit and muck that had built up there. Vigil, all forty pounds of dragon, bounded up and leaned his head toward the water. He jumped back as if he'd seen a snake.

"What?" he said, then edged up to the water again.

She went ahead drinking, but raised her brows at Vigil.

He looked at her reflection, then up at her, her reflection again, and finally his own. He backed away. "Are . . . are you not my mother?"

Raina bit her lip. "I didn't lay your egg, no. But I've raised you--"

"We aren't even the same thing!"

"Species. No, we aren't. I'm sort of young to have children, anyway. I lived with my parents until--" She cut off as her eyes threatened to start crying.

Vigil stared at her a minuted before walking forward and laying his nose on her leg. "We are both without parents."

"We're orphans," she said, wrapping her arms around him and letting the tears come. She had a twinge of guilt for lying to him, but her anger at the rebel dragons fought the guilt, saying, With a mother like that, he may as well be an orphan.

Which one do you guys prefer?

My Kickstarter for The Complete Guide to Being Evil wasn't working, I've lowered the goal and will re-post it on Monday (the 7th). Thanks to all who spread the word or pledged. Please check it out again soon!

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  1. They're both kind of interesting, but I can't choose. I would think with a goal of 50K in 30 days, you might want to write the one that's screaming to be written. Those are certainly easier to write, aren't they? Good luck!

    1. I really am truly equally excited about both. I keep having plot ideas for each of them. One I would dedicate to my sister, but the other is the one my husband wants me to write right now. Gah!

  2. You know, I think I'm going to try something new (for me) and, when I'm done with one for NaNo, write the other one during Dec and Jan instead of going back to the one I NaNoed within the month. Everyone says to let it sit, but I never do.