Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Software Not Working

Since I've moved to vlogging I've had several issues, but never ones that put me out of commission for two weeks at a time before. Now I have such an issue. I reinstalled my operating system around Christmas, hoping to make things faster and run smoother, but since I have been unable to get both recording and editing software to play nice together. I want to apologize for all this time I've been inactive, and promise you I'm trying to fix it.

In the mean time, since this is a platform where you expect to read anyway, I can share a little news with you all.

I got pet rats! They are cute, and one of them is already my buddy, letting me pick her up, pet her, tickle her, etc. The other is much more timid, so it'll take a while for her to get to the same level.

I got several books for Christmas, and have read three so far. Steal Like an Artist gets four stars, for being motivational. If it were based on useful tips, it would be more like three stars.

Orcs, or Firstblood if you're in the UK, gets two and a half stars. Really didn't care for it. First, the point of view was super confusing. I could not keep track of who was doing what, and in a book relying on battles as a major plot device, it was less excusable than it might have been in another novel. Second, there wasn't much character development to help this. The characters were mostly different because of their superficial qualities, so it didn't really matter getting them mixed up. Third, the villain scenes greatly disturbed me. It's good if your villain is disturbing, but I felt physically ill and mentally shaken after witnessing what she did.

Ack-Ack Macaque is the most surprising so far. I expected it to be quirky and okay, as a monkey is one of the main characters, but so far (I'm halfway through it), I'd give it five stars. There's lots of action, but not too much, the characters are in-depth and believable (especially the macaque), and the villain is excellent. I will definitely be buying Gareth L. Powell books in the future!

I'm still working on From Unbreakable Eggs, and it's kind of crazy how quickly I'm improving it. More on that later.

How was your Christmas? Thanks for reading!