Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Bit About Me

I feel like bloggers spend a lot of time trying to come up with something witty or deep to say, so today I'm just going to tell you all a little bit about me.

I'm the author of The Complete Guide to Being Evil. It's on Smashwords and Amazon. I write fantasy, which is most of what I read, too. Sometimes I get crazy and read a bit of sci fi, but I don't feel confident writing it.

I love reading and writing above most other activities, but I also love playing board games, D&D, and non-shooter video games (with Left 4 Dead 2 being the exception). I have six small mammals in my house, including my two children, my friend's destructive dog, and my three rats. Here's a video about them!

This thumbnail sucks, but I'm on a trip and can't make a fancy one for now.

I will be attending ConDorCon this weekend (where my limited print hardcover will be available) dressed up as the Norse goddess Freyja (she's a minor character in The Complete Guide to Being Evil). The guest of honor there is Gail Carriger, who wrote The Parasol Protectorate, a series I highly recommend reading. Here's a video about the first three books.

And I have two friends who want me to play matchmaker for them. If there are any lesbian women or straight men in Spokane, WA who are nerdy, have a job, aren't super fat, are in their twenties, and are available...sorry, I actually don't want to fish for matches on the internet. I'm too awkward, but in person my awkwardness makes me lovable. I hope.

So there's a bit about me. Have anything you want to share about you? Feel free to leave a message. I'll be able to read them after the convention. See you around!