Friday, May 9, 2014

Giveaway Upcoming

A quick note before the main point of this post. I'll be taking a break from YouTube videos, since so far it's been more of a distraction than a help for me. Which means my posts on here will revert to being text based, but they might also be fewer. I'll be doing a guest post from Grammarly here soon, though, so don't go forgetting about me!

And for the meat and potatoes of this post, I'll be hosting a second Goodreads giveaway, starting May 14th and running until June 14th. This will be for ten signed, limited edition hardcover copies of my book. Witness the cover:

Youth, magic, and a luxurious Manhattan apartment, Kalara has it all. She's a classic evoker--hurling fire, ice, and electricity is her specialty. As her father always said, the classics are important.

Meet Whitcomb, a powerful necromancer who doesn't want anyone discovering he's selling the souls of the dead who go through his funeral home. He tries to teleport Kalara into the Hudson to keep her from snooping around.

Kalara elicits the help of a devil who's bad at being bad, and together they attempt to use evil to achieve their goals...

Please share the word so the giveaway can have a big opening day. Thanks!

And welcome to my newest followers,  SK Anthony and Cathrina Constantine!

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