Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week Two of NaNo 2014

Week two of NaNo didn't go as well for me as week one did. After my last post I barely wrote for two days, so the past three days I've been writing like crazy to make up the difference. Thankfully, today it's looking like I can finally get back on track. As of writing this I've gotten 25k under my belt (plus the 21k I wrote before NaNo began), and only another 25k left to go. It's all downhill from here...right?

If only! But my life isn't so simple as to only contain NaNoWriMo. My pet rat gave birth today, my husband and daughter are sick, my son has endless energy, I'm running a weekly game for my friends, and I'm getting a few more shifts a week now that winter's about here. If I'm being frank with you, I can't wait until November is over. I feel like John Green with his poofy hair. The poof has a life of its own! Its name is Stress...

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